Visitors! # The Mobile Institute

Mobile Institute 2014 (Raketa)

The Mobile Institute. A Portable Knowledge Lab | Мобильный институт. Передвижная лаборатория обмена знаниями

Visitors! # The Mobile Institute aims to explore global issues dealing with environment, politics, ethics, human rights, visual arts, biology, philosophy, utopia and our common cultural heritage. The Mobile Institute is a way of establishing a meeting place for art, nature and science at the interface between theory and practice.
We ask ourselves: how do we share knowledge? How do we convey knowledge? Our common starting point is the museum, archives and collections as places of knowledge, exchange and encounter; everyone’s’ voice, everyone’s story. The democratic project in relation to post-Soviet period of our neighbour Russia, in relation to the educational artistic process and interactive art works.
How can artistic processes and methods initiate, create and lead to substantial change, not ornamental or instrumental, but based on their own artistic terms as a way of thinking, understanding and explaining the world again? Art as a language able to articulate new answers to the challenges of the future, outside and beyond the obvious answers, limits and closed circuits: knowledge production on artistic terms. What other forms of meaning are produced in, with and by artistic practice? Which in turn opens for a revolving cycle of thought: How do we learn to see, think and make? How do we know to know?

Do you speak art?

Do you read nature?

Do you see poems?

We cannot rebuild a museum, an archive or a library, but we can create a model of a public space, a workshop or playground, a library of things, we can provide means to produce knowledge. We can write, read, hear manifestos, manuals, methods.

● There is Something like a breakfast (food is knowledge)
● Lectures on Something (thinking together)
● Learn Something by heart (a song, a poem, a book, a tool)
● 3D-print Something (a song, a poem, a book, a tool)
● Make Something happen

Workshops in part and the exhibition as a whole are followed by a free publication, documenting and disseminating the events, lectures, seminars or objects. The very nature of this process-based project is to create a flexible and yet-to-produce body of work(s) that can respond and relate to the multi layered issue of knowledge production in, with and by visual art.

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Interdisciplinary and collaborative projects and experiments within art, design, architecture and digital media. Raketa is ongoing since 2000.